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The ACN App™ SCHEDULE 13G & 13D solution enables institutional investment managers to compile, save, submit and amend their Schedule 13G/13D SEC registration material in one easy-to-use online application hosted on a secure page on the ACN website.

Key Benefits:

  • Streamlines the process of compiling & managing your submissions. 
  • Submit reports directly to EDGAR.
  • Links to SEC Rules & Regulations, Filing Amendments, FAQ pages.
  • Flexible formatting for customizable layout and additional disclosures.
  • Create templates for new reports.
  • Built-in links from Reporting Persons to Items and other fields.
  • Functionality to add Exhibit(s) to reports.
  • Add notes or communication records to your document.
  • Amendments made easy from your prior report.
  • 24/7 access to records from different locations and computers.
  • Inventory reports for compliance record retention or reference.
  • Simultaneous access and editing of different reports by different individuals.

The process is easy and works like this:

(1) Logon to the secure ACN APP™ online application;

(2) Open a blank template to create a new filing or amend an existing filing;

Review it online, print a PDF copy and email interested parties;

Approve and submit the report directly to EDGAR.  Immediate confirmation!


ACN’s online template will accommodate universal text entry for all types of disclosure, a variety of submission styles, and exhibits to your report. You have the choice of either submitting the report to EDGAR via EDGARLink or the ACN File Agent Service. 

ACN is a Registered Filing Agent on the EDGAR system and has been submitting reports for clients for over 10 years.


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